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January Sauv Blanc


Alrighty! This wine makes my mouth water with just a thought of it! I adore a tangy Sauvignon Blanc. This particular New Zealand born baby has a crisp, fruit and citrus taste on the palette. Ends with a slight buttery note. Would go great with a spicy pasta dish, seafood, or salad. Or with reruns of Sons of Anarchy, which is what I am pairing it with tonight. Although, she was $10.99, I love her and I wanted to share 🙂 Drink Up!


November Zinfandel

I like wine.  Inexpensive wine. Like under $10.  Once a month, I will review an under $10 bottle of wine for the other cheap wine lovers out there!

Today’s selection is a 2009 California Zinfandel.  This Zinfandel has a very berry taste. Sweeter than most Zins I have tried. Sweet up front,  light spice on the tongue, and ends with a nice warmth at the end.  Definately toss this one around your mouth before swallowing to enjoy all this one has to offer. Worth a try for $7.99 (Copps).   Til next month, eat, drink and be merry!