Pre-Blizzard Grill Out

I dusted off my Weber tonight for the first time since September. Grilling is my absolute favorite way to cook.  Tonight, we kept it super simple with burgers and a potato packet. Here’s what I did-

Get that grill fired up and while you are waiting for it those coals to turn gray…

Grab a pound or so of ground chuck. Chuck is fattier than ground beef, which helps the burgers stay moist and juicy on the grill. Take enough chuck in your hand to make a patty the size that you like. Form into a plump patty without over-forming. The more you play with the patty, the tougher it will end up. Once all the patties are formed, take a mixture of spices (I like an even mix of  Lawrys season salt and a steak rub) and sprinkle evenly on both sides of the patty. Seasoning the outsides of the patties rather than mixing it in, creates a nice crust. I prefer this method for this burger.029027

As for the potatoes- I love this way of cooking lots of foods. It is very versatile in that I usually have most of the needed items on hand. And this is how my dad grilled potatoes. Classic Pete,  🙂  Slice whatever potatoes are on hand  (as many as you need, tho usually only 3 or 4 large  fit in the packet) in 1/4 inch slices.  Add in a thinly sliced onion, 2 diced garlic cloves, a couple TBS extra virgin olive oil, fgbp and salt. You can also add in sliced hot peppers, mushrooms or whatever other veggies you like. Toss all the ingredients together and lay in a long piece of tin foil. Fold up the edges to create a closed packet. The packet should go on the grill first, as the potatoes will take longer than the burgers. About 10/15 minutes in, add the burgers to the grill and cook to your liking. You can peek on the potatoes to check  on them. When they are fork tender you know they are done. And remember, grills are not just for summer 🙂


*For the Wisconsinites out there, Copps ground chuck rules for burgers.


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